Meet Chef Alec!

20120524-Hawker Bar13


Born and raised in rural Australia, Chef Alec Martin began his culinary apprenticeship at the early age of 16. Alec quickly found himself traveling Australia kitchen-by-kitchen, soaking up every experience he could and learning every element to cultivate and perfect the art of fine dining while enhancing his culinary expertise. It was his dedicated passion and talent for preparing Southeast Asian cuisine that landed Alec his first Chef du Partie position with nationally-renowned Southeast Asian-focused Gingerboy Restaurant in Melbourne. Working under seasoned and award-winning Chefs, Chris Donnellan and Teage Ezard, Alec took in the unique and exotic flavours and creative techniques the Chefs had to offer – reaffirming Southeast Asian cuisine was his calling. Alec left his 3-year career at Gingerboy after successfully rising to the position of Sous Chef and decided to romantically follow the love of his life to Canada to be with his girlfriend, Jo. It is here in Toronto’s exploding food scene and cultural melting pot that Alec met Fred, Nick, Cas and Andrew. And it is here that Hawker Bar was born!

photo credit: Morris Lum

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