Meet our one-bite wonder, the Son-in-Law Egg

Son in Law Eggs

These delicious little things are Hawker Bar’s Son-in-Law Eggs. You may have heard about them. Or already enjoyed their deliciousness. So we would like to share with you a bit about how we make them and why you simply must order them at Hawker Bar.

It all begins with creating Chili Jam. And making the stuff is no easy task! We start by dicing red onions, tomatoes and red bell peppers and reduce it down in an enormous pot along with lime juice and a few of our spices while stirring constantly until it gets thick and a perfect shade of deep dark red. We blitz this up and add a few more spices for taste. All in all, it takes roughly 17-20 hours to get our Chili Jam perfect every time.

Next, we soft boil peewee eggs so they get wonderfully gooey inside. We tediously peel them, being ever so careful as to not puncture their soft exterior lest we feel the wrath of Chef Alec’s broken-egg policy (you break it, you eat it – this is no fun after more than 6 eggs!). These eggs later get fried until golden brown so that they are crispy on the outside but soft on the inside.

Then there is the Prik Nam Pla, which is a Thai condiment that we make in-house. “Prik” means chili and “Nam Pla” means fish sauce but it’s so much more complex than that simple translation. We meticulously cut limes, shallots, and long red Thai chilies until they’re molecularly small. Chef’s basic rule is dice them until you think that they’re done – then keep going for 20 more minutes and then they’re done! We add some lime zest to this and mix all the ingredients together for a well-balanced Prik Nam Pla.

This is topped by individually picked Thai basil and coriander and garnished with lightly fried shallots.

And how would one eat such a complicated but tiny dish? In one whole bite! Thus, it is our “one-bite wonder.” As for why they’re called “Son-in-Law Eggs”…we’ll leave that for you to ask one of our servers or cooks.